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October 15, 2020
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Every Human is Beautiful ! – 4 Elements That Define True Beauty

Every Human is Beautiful

Self-discovery is one of the major ways to truly realise your self-worth and beauty. We live in a world where extreme value is placed on looks and less on virtues. I conducted a research last year to determine what gets people attracted to themselves, especially the opposite sex, 70% of the people gladly said that it’s facial look that first gets them attracted

I also noticed that being attracted to a person does not mean that they can cultivate a great relationship with the person, rather it is the first thing, which drives them to make a move.

Alternatively, 30% maintained that they do not care about a person’s facial look and what gets them rather attracted and connected is when they hear such person speak, act and display some sense of judgement.

According to Mariam-Webster dictionary, it describes beauty as the quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit

When I was growing up, I have always heard people say that ‘No Man is Ugly’ rather it is their money and acquired wealth that truly makes them handsome. So men both extremely ugly and handsome pursue wealth to ‘acquire their beautiful’.

I also discovered that in today’s world, women have chosen their own path and said NO, they are not ugly either. Since many people believe in facial looks, they do the following as long as they have the money;

  • Purchase cream to change their complexion.
  •  Apply makeup to enhance the look of their faces.
  • Perform surgery to increase their butts and breast or just purchase-padded bras or padded tights or leggings.
  • Work out every day, wear tummy belts and purchase myriads of weight loss product to look like Models.

What then truly makes one beautiful?

The definitions given by Mariam-Webster’s truly illustrate that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder since what gives pleasure to my senses or pleasurable exalts my spirit or mind is different from what gives the next person pleasure.

I sincerely love the confusion thrown by women in today’s world, you see them in pictures looking extremely gorgeous and breathe taking but would feel like running away when you suddenly meet some of them in person or early in the mornings.

4 Elements that define true beauty


The business dictionary defines value as an important and lasting belief shared by the members of a culture about what is good, bad, desirable or undesirable. Values have a major influence on a person’s behaviour and attitude and serve as guidelines to how they react in all situations. Many factors influence people’s values like environment they grew up, their family background, schools they attended, experience, culture, and religion. Values can be learnt and can be genetically transferred.

Let us illustrate further about values

A young couple had filed for a divorce. They had spent 5 years in marriage but seem not to get along. They quarrel and fight over issues and lamented how they have tried their best to get along with each other but all to no avail. Here is what happened;

  1. The young man is committed and love his family, believe in spending more time in the house. He is a christian in quote but do not believe in attending church services or listening to preachings, he believes that a woman should be under a man and on no account should the woman make some moves towards career, business or anything that can make her achievements equal to a man but he loves his wife passionately. He does not enjoy going for a holiday and he is a miser. He just has weird, different principles and beliefs.
  2. Meet the wife; She can spend all her earnings buying beauty products that can make her look good and enjoy going for vacations. She loves her career and can stay away from the house for more than 2 months. She is committed christian and cannot miss podcasts from Joel Osteen or attending Sunday Services. She loves the husband passionately, very faithful to her husband, honest and like a said earlier, she is a spendthrift.

This couple is opposite of themselves because of their value and belief about some concept. I am unworthy to speak about this couple above, but the most important thing, which you can see, is that they have opposite values that are way far apart, have tried for 5 years to work on it but can not help it. They had to separate as they are simply incompatible.

A person’s value is a strong element of their beauty, which can attract people of similar values to them. This is where most strong friendships are built on – VALUES.


Talent is a natural ability to be good at something without being taught. A talented footballer plays so well the first time he enters a foot ball pitch even without a formal training. A talented dancer makes moves like an expert even when he has not practised even for a day. When people discover their talent and potential, it can bring out the beauty in them and attract life-changing opportunities for them. So, talent  when  nurtured is a valid elements that describes the beauty in a person.


Skill according to Merriam Webster is a learnt power of doing something competently; a developed aptitude or ability. Your skills are what makes you stand out and execute tasks more competently than others. A talented footballer can choose to improve his competency in the field by acquiring a skill on dribbling. Most footballers and dancers were not talented or born with the skill, they acquired it through training & practise and became excellent at it. It is a great element of beauty and attracts several great people and wealth to you.


Every human being has a unique purpose in life, a purpose can simply mean what you are born to do or achieve or change. Purpose can be better achieved by combining our knowledge, values, talents and skills. The 3 elements form you and position you to fulfil your God-given purpose. Purpose can make you stand out and be extremely attracted to people who can change your life as well as people that you can change their life. Fulfilled purpose can define your true beauty.

Ellen Wright wrote on Quora: Mother Theresa was not beautiful in any sense of conventional beauty, but she was beautiful in her selfless service to the lepers and poor of India. Mahatma Ghandhi was a skinny, bald headed guy who was bug eyed and worn glasses hardly handsome in any way yet he led millions on the path of non-violent resistance and won independence for his country. Nelson Mandela was a tall, lanky man with skin tags on a blotched. He spent so many years in prison and came out to lead his country men to conquer apartheid in South Africa. Beauty is far more than an unblemished face or body that a society deems perfect. Those are looks and they fade like summer flower Whereas Beauty last for centuries.

It is worthy of note that true beauty can be achieved through Self Discovery and Continuous Personal Development.

Every Human Being is Beautiful

This is not to argue that some people are naturally endowed and are extremely attractive. This does not also change the fact that some people are not facially attractive nor to dispute the fact that imbeciles and mad people exist rather it is to let you know that it is the internal conditioning of a person that makes them beautiful.

I have seen several people met someone for the first time and regularly reiterate – this person looks ugly.  When they suddenly see the person assume a renowned position or make an achievement, they simply start seeing a different shade of beauty in the person. The person would become suddenly attractive. I have also seen facial looks continuously fade.

Since the true beauty is the inner part of a person, it is ideal for you to pay attention to that inner beauty of your neighbour, which does  not fade.

The truth is that we can set our priority right especially for youths who have not discovered their true beauty. Instead of spending more of your time thinking and working towards looks, which fades, focus and work on your values, talents, skills and purpose through self-discovery and continuous development.

Always remember this statement; Your looks do not define you. Your Values, Talents, Skills and Purpose are the four elements that define your true beauty

‘Look beautiful’ but do not forget to be ‘truly beautiful’.


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    Even as a young man, I found this very interested. Keep it up “my super woman”

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