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Why You Should Watch A Movie’s Behind The Scene

Behind the scenes

The Behind the scene/making of a movie is one of the most fascinating parts of a movie. This is because it clearly shows the how’s, what’s and the roles played by the actor/actress involved in the film. It also gives a glimpse of how ideas were put together to make every scene in the movie. While some people appreciate a movie’s behind the scene, others feel it’s simply a waste of time as they need to be entertained with real movies.

There are three major lessons you can get every day from watching the behind the scenes of a movie and why you should pay close attention to it;

  1. Hard work produces great result:  Most times, you think the people you watch in movies are angels who came down from heaven and became perfect overnight. Most of us have this thought without realizing that the assumed successful actor/actress took more than 12 h daily and made extra effort to work on herself and her brand to be able to put a face on movies and became a professional in taking lead roles.Behind the scenes allows you to watch people stay for long hours reading and rehearsing scripts, acting it out, practicing and repeating scenes before they finally produce the movie which we all celebrate and tag the best movie of the year.It was never magic.They extremely worked hard for it while you and I see the results.
  2. Actors/Actress Have A Life And Life Spook Them Too: You suddenly decided to use social media or movies to measure how successful you or your friends are. You have also chosen to use it to regularly rate and admire actors/actresses and how they live their life.Behind the scenes shows how they laugh really hard at themselves while trying to memorize scripts, mimic a character or take a role in a particular movie.It let you know that these people make mistakes, they practice a lot and finally get the perfect acting you usually see in movies.In addition, they are human, experience pressures, get annoyed and live life.
  3. Movies Are Not Real Life: I have heard some women consistently say that the man they would love to marry must treat her exactly the same way one actor treated an actress in a particular movie role they took as husband and wife.

Well! It is true that REAL love exists and Marriage is really FUN, but what you should understand is that these people are simply reading script and acting.

You should not  sit down and expect all that happened in one marriage in a particular movie to be the case in your life and marriages.

Marriage is not a child’s play and much commitment is also involved.

Do not forget to pay keen attention to behind the scenes/ making of a movie. It pays off to learn about the process.

To recap, these are the reasons you should start watching a movie’s behind the scenes.

Behind the scenes shows that hard work produces great result.

Behind the scenes shows that Actors/Actress Have A Life And Life Spook Them Too

Behind the scenes shows you that Movies Are Not Real Life but learning of scripts and acting it out only.


  1. Jacob says:

    I love watching Behind The Scenes of movies.

    Because I want to know what went into making that movie.

    Truth be told, for you to say that a movie is perfect on the outside, just know that a lot has gone into it behind.

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