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8 Important Reasons A Woman Should Improve On Her Skills

Why A Should Woman Improve On Her Skills

If you  have noticed, many women today have chosen to defile all odds to confidently present herself with some aura of accomplishments and success. The woman has refused to be a slave. The woman has refused to be called a weaker vessel. Women have refused to be an object of sexual gratification.  The woman has chosen to change the lyrics in James Brown’s song-‘it is a Man’s world’ by working her way to the top and attaining massive success.

This can be seen in the life of the 21st Century women who are seen establishing successful businesses and owning big conglomerates. They have been exposed to life, career and businesses that made them have a lot to offer apart from their sexuality.

Some women can juggle between the life of a mum, wife, staff and business owner while others feel there is no need to go through such stress. They rather stay home, take care of the kids and take care of their husbands or simply remain unmarried, have kids and pursue their career.

No matter the path you choose as a woman, you should be able to work on your skills and improve our competences because of the following reasons;

  1. The Competition is Fierce: For any woman who wants to give more to life other than her sexuality, one of the reasons why you should continuously work on yourself and develop your skills/capability is because whatever idea you have, career path you have chosen or whatever business you want to build, 80% chances are that someone is doing it which makes it highly competitive.  To survive and thrive in such markets, there is a need to invest in personal development and skill acquisition that will offer you handy knowledge to thrive and conquer the market in your niche.
  2. Men Now Prefer A More Strategic Partner:I recently noticed one trending character among the men of today. They admire ladies with brilliant and excellent sense of judgement and regularly wish they have such a person in their home as a wife.I have heard a lot of women complain and rant about how their husband do not value their presence and all they do is see them as their cook and child birth machine.Well, I strongly believe that one of the reasons for this is the inability to position yourself as not just a wife but a strategic partner.Men work extremely hard, most of them return home with varying thoughts about some confusion in their business.They simply wish they could lay it down for you to offer your thoughts and idea which you can only offer if you have a glimpse on how businesses work.In fact, he can’t even think of telling you because he knows you got nothing to offer. This is the more reason why you should develop yourself and improve on your skills as a woman
  1. Need To Keep Up With Current Trend: One of the popular quotes by Albert Einstein says, once you stop learning (developing yourself), you start dying. To keep up with trends and grab new opportunities, a woman should continuously develop herself and horn her skills in the right way.
  1. Have A Defined Career Path: As a Woman, most time your careers do have an undefined path due to many engagements. Spotting the best career fit for you and developing it presents enormous benefit for the woman.
  2. Grow Your Business: With more women engaging in businesses, there is a need to continually learn the skills and tactics for running small businesses and making good profit in the business.
  1. Acquire Knowledge To Train Your Kids: Kids are becoming smarter and a woman (who is n aspiring mother) must acquire smart knowledge to be able to train and nurture them. As a woman, you will not be able to properly train kids of today properly by sitting on the sofa every day to watch telemundo and Zee-World. There is an urgent need to develop yourself and your skills to be more positioned as a 21st Century mum.
  2. Be Relevant And Fulfil Purposes: Every human being on earth has a God given purpose, which when discovered and developed, can  take you extra mile to setting your future bright and create an indelible foot mark in the sounds of your time.
  3. Have more to offer other than their sexuality: A lot have being said and perceived about women being an object of sexual gratification. Whenever women continuously improve themselves and their skills, they would have more to offer to their life and society apart from their romantic body.

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