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October 8, 2020
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The Power Of Positive Affirmations

The Power Of Positive Affirmations

I recently got to know that Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia (a continuous decline in thinking, behavioural and social skills that disrupts a person’s ability to function independently). Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive disorder that causes brain cells to degenerate and die (mayo clinic).

Some of the early signs of the disease include forgetting recent events or conversations. As the disease progresses, a person with Alzheimer’s disease will develop severe memory impairment and lose the ability to conduct everyday tasks. According to a study at Kings College London, continuous negative thinking may increase a person’s risk of Alzheimer’s disease and currently, there is no cure for the disease.

We live in a world that requires making extra effort, taking some deliberate steps and making faithful proclamations daily to keep our hopes alive and become more resilient despite numerous adversities.

I thought I am freed from negatively proclaiming about issues and events in my life until early January 2020, I had a problem at my workplace, which required me to provide a solution immediately that would enable us to retain a client and a deadline was also given. It was hard for me since I could not think of any possible solution.


I was so worried that it clouded my memory, I simply could not think straight. I called a friend and explained all that happened to him so he gave me some advice.

I still did not  CALM DOWN to listen to him; I was anxious and informed him that the solution he has given to me would never work.

He eventually stopped talking and asked me what I wanted to do.

I simply responded that ‘I do not know and I am confused’.

He felt disappointed and asked why I will ever make such statements… “you are confused? He further asked if I am not the one who regularly reminds him about affirmations and ranting in his hears “I AM AN EXTRAORDINARY. LOL

It was really a big punch, I repeated the affirmation and sense suddenly dawned on me and I sat down, taught about the solution he gave me and made it fit into my current situation and it worked.  Through that incidence, I sincerely understood what affirmation does to the mind and I had to say it regularly like I am taking a cup of water.

I also understood that affirmations provide us with strength to truly believe in ourselves and action we desire to take and when we positively speak about our dreams and aspirations, we instantly garner strength with a deep sense of reassurance that our wishful words will become reality.

Below are more interesting power of positive affirmations.

  1. It Calms Your Nerves: Whenever you feel threatened or scared, the nervous system responds by releasing a flood of stress hormones that includes adrenaline and cortisol that arouse the body for emergency action. Almost instantly, our heart pounds faster, muscle tightens, blood pressure rises, breath quickens , which increases your alertness and energy. This whole process can in turn lead to a state of confusion. However, when you use a positive affirmation in the state described above, it calms your nerve and reduces anxiety and fear.
  1. It enhances your ability to make great decisions: One of the scenarios where people are encouraged not to take a decision is when they are  anxious or over stressed. This can be proven by an experiment; whenever there is a situation in your friends life that needs urgent attention, your friend becomes anxious, scared or feel something might go wrong; allow him/her to open up to you and say all that she needed to say; allow him/her to rant;  After a week or two, ask them about the same decisions they made earlier and listen to their statement. You would hear things like; well, I was really under pressure, that’s why I made such statement. The truth is that pressure is part of life and one of the attitudes to get you going under pressure is using positive affirmations.                                                                          
  2. It makes you more confident: Fear is one of the major factors that affect our confidence level, whereas positive affirmations help drive your fears and keep you more confident.
  3. It guards your daily thought: A quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson says that we are what we regularly think all they long”. To guard your thoughts, it is ideal to fill your mind up with positive thoughts because negative thoughts bred negative actions, which applies also to positive thoughts.

Examples of Positive Affirmations

Since you have understood the powers in affirming positively to your life and situations, here are the examples of positive affirmations that you can master and use daily for a more positive and fulfilled life as listed by essential life skills

  • I know, accept and am true to myself.
  • I believe in, trust and have confidence in myself.
  • I eat well, exercise regularly and get plenty of rest to enjoy good health.
  • I learn from my mistakes.
  • I know I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.
  • I forgive myself for not being perfect because I know I’m human.
  • I never give up.
  • I am a unique and worthy person.
  • I respect myself.
  • I accept what I cannot change.
  • I make the best of every situation.
  • I look for humour and fun in as many situations as possible.
  • I enjoy life to the fullest.
  • I focus on the positive.
  • I turn obstacles into learning opportunities.
  • I have control over my thoughts, feelings and choices.

My best regular Affirmations

  1. I am extraordinary, I am beautiful
  2. I Can Do All Things Through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians4:13)
  3. God is at work in me
  4. God gives me new strength, he guides me in the right as he has promised (psalm 23:3)
  5. More can be found in the Holy Bible

What are the positive affirmations that have kept you going?

Drop them at the comments section


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