Anxious About a Problem or a Situation? Here Are 5 Simple, Effective Tips To Overcome Anxiety

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October 20, 2020
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Anxious About a Problem or a Situation? Here Are 5 Simple, Effective Tips To Overcome Anxiety

overcome anxiousness

There is always a moment in the life of every one when the feeling of uneasiness, nervousness, and worry arises about a situation; leaving you with little or no clue as to how it can be handled.

This feeling can spring up when a test/exam is written and the outcome is uncertain, a woman may be anxious to read the test result indicating she’s pregnant or not, a sick person will be anxious when he/she carries out an HIV test, because the outcome is not predictable, a young graduate is simply worried about what the the future holds or stressful life experiences just led you to anxiety.

Statistical research has shown that an estimate of 264 million adults around the globe has anxiety and that an estimated 31% of all adults will experience an anxiety disorder at some point in their life. (Anxiety statistics, 2021). Reading the report of the anxiety statistics can leave you in a mini-anxious state but on the other hand, it keeps you informed about it and further shows you that anxiety is not peculiar to anyone but often a situation that arises at some point in one’s life which if not handled adequately can have a damaging repacution on your physical and mental health.

Anxiety may be caused by:
  • Certain personality traits: for example; people who are timid, perfectionist, fearful, lack self-esteem may exhibit anxiousness when things do not go as planned.
  • Stressful events: Pregnancy or giving birth, death of a loved one, verbal, sexual, emotional or physical abuse can also arouse anxiety feelings.
  • Stressful life experiences
  • Physical and mental health conditions amongst others

Signs of anxiety includes restlessness and inability to sleep properly, fatigue and premature tiredness, excessive worrying, lack of concentration, sweating and trembling, increased heart rate, shortness of breath, feelings of terror or impending doom, etc.

The signs of anxiety sure looks scary but there are effective and simple do-able tips that can be adopted to bring you out of the state of anxiousness;

1. Breathe in and breathe out

Can you do that now, slowly… Breathe in, and slowly breathe out. Yes! That’s it.

How do you feel? Better I guess.

Worry and anxiety never solves a problem, it just deprives you of the joy and peace of today.

You can never lift a pin by worrying, your anxiousness will not bring the dead back to life.

So the best thing you can do is to breathe. Yes, because you have life and once there is life, there is surely hope for a better today and a brighter tomorrow.

Now, breathe in and breathe out again. Everything will be fine.

2. Speak up and speak out

A common aphorism asserts that a problem shared is half solved.

Do you have a trusted friend? Learn to share your burdens with others, you never can tell where your questions will be answered, or problems would be solved.

Even, a verse in the holy Scriptures says that one shall chase a thousand, and two shall chase ten thousand.

Sharing your fears may earn you a bowl of encouragement and some servings of support to go with it.

3. Learn to say “No”

It is easy to carry on the burdens of others, forgetting that we also have ours.

I mean, it’s good to be helpful and caring, but when it’s at the detriment of your own peace and comfort, when you begin to see signs of anxiety, the best thing to do is back-off.

Saying No doesn’t mean you’re selfish, it shows you’re confident and you understand your strengths and weaknesses.

4. Exercise! Exercise! Exercise!

Your mind cannot possibly focus on two things equally at a particular time.

So take a walk, take a jog, grab a mat and do some sit-ups, just do some sort of physical activity, it raises endorphins and serotonin levels to help you feel better emotionally.

5. Pray

Do you feel any of the tips mentioned above cannot match the pressure of your anxiety?

Then praying is the surest way to go.

Prayers connects you with your maker and leaves you with a sense of peace because you are assured that someone bigger than your problem is working on your case.

One minute of prayer won’t hurt. Just try it and you’ll be glad you did. Making it a habit to utilize The power of Positive Affirmations daily also helps to reduce worry and the feeling of anxiousness.

As I mentioned earlier, anxiety is a thief of time and peace, it steals the joy of today, and deprives you of the beautiful thoughts of tomorrow.

A decision to overcome anxiety today sets you on the path of freedom. Focus on the beautiful things life has to offer.

Have you felt anxious before?

If yes, Which useful tips did you use to overcome anxiety?

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