The Extraordinary Woman Blog (EWB) is a lifestyle blog focused on helping every woman especially the young woman in Nigeria in her personal development journey through publishing helpful contents on how to be extraordinary, grow and develop skills, talents, discover purpose, stay focused and excel in their chosen business or career.

In this blog, you will also  get relevant details about opportunities for women around the world, fashion & beauty tips which would assist you to live your life as an extraordinary woman who is unabated by any life’s ordeal.

If all I could achieve with this blog is inform every woman how beautiful and Extraordinary she is, then I would be one of the happiest women on earth…

An extraordinary woman is not a perfect woman. An extraordinary woman lives her dream, She honours and values herself.

An extraordinary woman faces life’s ordeal with wit and determination. An extraordinary woman makes mistakes, gets tempted and instead of allowing in guilt and self-destruction, She picks the pieces of her life, stands stronger and truly LIVE.

An extraordinary woman discovers that it is not just her facial look that makes her beautiful, it is her skill, talents and her uniqueness.

Our slogan, Every Woman is beautiful is to inform you that every woman has a unique potential and is blessed in her own way. You just need to discover it.

A lot of people think it’s all about facial looks!

A handless woman can discover her talent, grow with it, excel in it and the world will celebrate her Uniqueness and her Beauty.

An assumed ugly woman can make her way to riches and take 30 minutes to dress like the most pretty lady in the universe and at that point, she would be called beautiful.

Look! I love extremely pretty women, in fact, one other thing I love after God, purpose and my work is looking gorgeous. I am a fashion freak.

But then, beauty is the external veil of a woman which can fade away with time but who you truly are, your unique potential, your skills and experience is what truly define you, enables you to be financially stable, land you your dream job and gets you prepared for the man of your dreams.

An extraordinary woman pursues knowledge, an extraordinary woman continuously works on herself and her skills. An extraordinary woman takes care of herself and prepares for the opportunity which would be presented to her. An extraordinary woman is God’s unique creature and she is beautiful.

Meet The Author

Julieth Agbo
Julieth Agbo

Julieth Agbo is a tech enthusiast who finds great fulfillment in encouraging the young woman to discover her unique potential, develop her skills and focus on the goal.

EWB is just like her repository to drop some fantastic nuggets for every woman, especially the young woman.

The truth is that a woman is a man’s wife, a man’s daughter and a man’s sister so a man could feed on the contents to inform the women that surrounds him. In this note, everyone can benefit immensely from the blog.

Julieth Agbo is a Pro Content Marketer and a Business Development Executive