7 Awesome Ways To Make Positive Affirmations Work For You

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October 4, 2020
The Power Of Positive Affirmations
October 15, 2020
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7 Awesome Ways To Make Positive Affirmations Work For You

Positive Affirmations

7 Awesome Ways To Make Positive Affirmations Work For You

Do you know that affirmations are useless if all you do is “Just Affirm”?.

The truth is that we are faced with many “affirmers”

We are in the information age

We read more beautiful content every day

We get value from these posts

In addition, we end up doing nothing about them

You will want to ask, but why is it this way?

The answer is simple

A lot of effort is needed to get what you discovered implemented or that positive affirmation work for you rather than just affirming


By the time you master such skills, you would be great at learning new habits and ways of life.

You will never struggle with implementing that beautiful affirmative statement you have seen in one or two posts. You will never be worried about letting people know about your personal mantra (affirmative statement) and seeing you in that regard.

You will live your best life

You will be excited and would want to try out that new habit, skill, and affirmative statement you have invested your time to learn.

However, if you do not do learn this skills, all you would be seen is affirm and get worse by the day. 

In addition, you will feel unhappy.

It would get you angry!

You would wish you never got to know about it.

Well. I have found solutions for this plight.

I have 7 interesting habits that work for me when I want to implement an affirmation and a belief system  and when these habits are implemented properly,  it would keep you going forward and enable you to get things done and be your best.  This skill also pushes you to feel the Power of Positive Affirmations

  1. Believe your affirmation: To make your affirmation work, you must believe and have faith in it. You cannot work towards what you do not believe in. “I am Extraordinary” Believe it and have faith in it.
  2. Form a habit with your Affirmations:  Just like you eat and drink water, make your affirmations or faithful proclamations a do or die affair. . . Also, practice it before going to bed so it would be registered in your subconscious mind.
  3. Feel the power in the affirmation– let it form a rhema in your spirit. There are some affirmations I come across that sends cold shivers down my spine. It spoke to me directly and I feel like “carrying on immediately”. Feel that affirmation!
  4. Repeat Your Affirmation: A quote by Muhammed Ali says, It is the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. In addition, once the belief becomes a deep conviction, you will experience many positive changes. So the simple trick is to repeat it every minute. Repeat it to the ears of someone.

Share it with a friend. . . 

Tell people around, 

Bring it in the middle of the conversation. 

Let them know it and see you in that regard. 

Repeat it to everyone that cares to listen.

With time, you would get used to it as a result of so much repetition.

Above all, People around you would see it in you. And then you would start seeing yourself manifest in your affirmations.


5. Commitment and Action. This is where the rubber hits the road. It gets really tough and tricky to implement an affirmation and a belief system. For you to truly show that you believe it, you must do it and be committed to it.

If your affirmation is “I love myself and would do everything I can to be fit and healthy”.

Then, always make sure you practise all the habits that show that you love yourself.

Visit the gym

Take a walk

Eat healthy and remain fit

If your affirmation is to have a slim body, be committed, and take action to do some exercise.

As I said, do not just say it, you must do it to show your commitment and that you truly believe in it.

6. Endeavour To Regularly Affirm In God:  The truth is that whenever we continue depending on our efforts and ‘macho’ strengths to make affirmations work in our daily lives. We may stumble, fail and get tired as opposed to when we affirm in God and trust his grace, which is sufficient for our lives.

7. Share the Affirmation:  Sharing your affirmations with people and how it has helped you live your best life is a great way to implement an affirmation.

What this does is to keep you on your toes.

It helps you look up to yourself.

When you share an affirmation, it doubles the chances of it being implemented over a long time.

I have shared many affirmations here.

In my case, some are what I read. . . Others flew in naturally when I did not even expect it.

My dear, I have achieved so much with positive affirmations and I would write more about how they have impacted my life someday.

Of course, you saw some affirmations I used in the power of positive affirmation.

So my dear, do not affirm and… Wow! 

Do more!

Feel it, repeat it, make it a habit, believe in your affirmation, regularly invite God in your affirmations and do everything in your power to commit to implement that affirmation

Finally, share with the next person close to you!

Rest assured that you would achieve great results.

Always remember the statement below;

You must not be a writer or a speaker to share what you have learned

When a post inspires you, when my post inspires you

It is ideal and never hurts to share with your friends on social media. 

It will keep people’s minds informed and bless the next person in the world like you are blessed with my posts.

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